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    “Our goal is to be the preferred supplier of methanol to our customers who have come to depend on us for our reliability, competitiveness and quality service. They trust us to have product when they need it and where they need it.”

    Jim Sorlie
    Senior vice president


About Our Company

Koch Methanol was established to optimize the supply of methanol to affiliates and third-party customers. We have a dedicated team of marketing and logistics professionals with a reputation for creating value and being trustworthy, reliable and service-oriented. Koch Methanol and its affiliates have offices in Houston, Wichita, Shanghai, Singapore and London and are committed to supplying methanol to a global customer base in a competitive and timely manner.

Additionally, a Koch Methanol affiliate is a equity investor in YCI Methanol One, a methanol production facility under construction in Louisiana with expected start-up in 2020. Koch Methanol, LLC will have exclusive offtake rights from the YCI Methanol One facility, which will be capable of producing approximately 1.7 million metric tons of methanol per year. More information about YCI Methanol One can be found at http://yci-us.com/.

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