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Our first order of business every day is to improve safety performance toward a goal of zero incidents. This, in turn, protects all of our employees, partners, neighbors and communities.

Furthermore, to succeed in today’s world of rapid change, we must have a heightened sense of urgency and the commitment to continually transform our performance. Our Principle Based Management philosophy encourages and equips individuals to practice lifelong learning, drive innovation, embrace transformation and achieve self-actualization – all contributing to a healthy, growing organization.

Social Priorities

Health And Safety
The safety and well-being of our employees and communities is our first priority. We build capability in our employees and resilience in our systems to prevent serious incidents.

Employee Self-Actualization
We believe everyone can discover and develop their innate abilities and apply them to contribute and succeed when empowered to do so. We seek to create opportunities based on each individual’s unique gifts and potential to contribute. A supervisor’s primary role is to support employee development by designing roles that fit, coaching and mentoring to help them thrive, seeking and using their knowledge and ideas, removing barriers, and encouraging role changes (anywhere across the Koch companies) that enable them to more fully realize their potential.

Employee Compensation and Benefits
We reward employees for their contribution to the long-term success of Koch Industries consistent with Our Values. We continually look for mutually beneficial outcomes by providing employees with benefit choices aligned with their values and personal situations.

Inclusive Environment
We strive to treat every person with dignity and respect, encourage and foster networking, and sponsor activities that are inclusive and focus on shared interests. We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and believe it is disrespectful to judge a person — positively or negatively — based on group identity. Characteristics such as heritage, gender, and many others often inform an individual’s experiences and perspectives and can help them create value, but no single characteristic should be used to define another person.

Unleash the Power of Diversity
We continually expand our outreach to hire and retain contribution-motivated employees. We select and empower employees, including leaders, who have a variety of aptitudes, skills, knowledge, experiences, and backgrounds. This diversity enables us to work together to identify opportunities, solve problems, and create greater value for others. We solicit challenge consistently and respectfully from employees at all levels of the organization.

Community Outreach and Involvement
Through our businesses and philanthropic endeavors, we seek to make society better through mutual benefit. We contribute to creating the best possible environment where all people have the opportunity to develop their unique talents and abilities. We provide employee engagement opportunities that enable them to build relationships, have meaningful and fulfilling experiences, and make a positive difference in their communities based on what is important to them.

Social Responsibility

Koch Methanol companies are committed to safely handling methanol to protect the health of our workers, our community and our shared environment. Koch Methanol St. James conducts joint training with local emergency services and facility-trained personnel. The St. James facility’s environmental, health and safety plan is meticulously reviewed with employees, and employees are properly trained.

Our Principle Based Management philosophy encourages and equips individuals to practice lifelong learning, drive innovation, embrace transformation and achieve self-actualization. We offer diverse learning and growth opportunities including proven principles of human progress, personalized career development, business knowledge and decision-making, supervisor development and much more.

Additionally, Koch Methanol companies believe strong communities are good for business. Our core philosophy is anchored in the belief that for a business to survive and prosper, it must develop and use its capabilities to create value for both its customers and society. Koch Methanol St. James works directly with local organizations and invests in four key areas:

  • Education: We support programs teaching students and future workers the skills necessary for today’s workplace. This includes local scholarships and STEAM initiatives.
  • Community Enrichment: We work with organizations supporting community needs and support local employee volunteer opportunities with various organizations.
  • Entrepreneurship: We promote entrepreneurial development while fostering economic and critical thinking skills, especially focused on initiatives aligned with our company’s Principle Based Management philosophy.
  • Environment: We assist organizations fostering environmental responsibility and providing environmental learning opportunities.