Who We Are

Who We Are

Koch Methanol St. James, LLC owns and operates a state-of-the-art facility located on 1,300 acres in St. James Parish in Louisiana. The world-scale facility has the potential to produce about 1.8 million metric tons per year of International Methanol Producers and Consumers Association (IMPCA)-quality methanol.

The facility is designed to allow four modes of product distribution – truck, rail, barge and ocean vessel – and includes a truck and rail terminal. A marine terminal located adjacent to the facility and owned and operated by another company is utilized for barge and ocean vessel transport via the Mississippi River.

Economic Impact

  • Koch Methanol St. James has over 100 permanent employees for operations and additional contract employees for maintenance and non-regular activities.
  • The company contributes yearly to Louisiana’s economy with approximately 300 jobs per year, $25 million in labor income, $46 million in Gross State Product (GSP), and $3 million in state and local taxes. 
  • Over approximately 30 years, the facility will be associated with a net present value of $1 billion in labor income and $166 million in state and local taxes.


2017 — YCI began construction of the $1.85 billion methanol facility.
2019 — Koch Methanol acquired majority interest in joint venture with YCI.
2020 — Koch Methanol acquired full interest in joint venture.
2021 — Name changed from YCI Methanol One, LLC to Koch Methanol St. James, LLC.

Methanol In Our Daily Lives

Methanol is a type of alcohol made primarily from natural gas. The methanol produced at the St. James facility is sent worldwide and used as a building block to make everyday products.

Methanol in our daily lives