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Free Driver's License Restoration Clinic

Koch Methanol St. James, Baker Botts and the State of Louisiana's Office of Motor Vehicles are hosting a free driver's license restoration walk-in clinic. This event aims to assist underserved populations with free legal services and advice on restoring their driver’s licenses. The clinic open to all residents of St. James Parish and neighboring parishes. 

Event Details

Wednesday, July 17 | 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Koch Methanol St. James Administration Building
5181 Wildcat St, St. James, LA 70086

Bring legal identification & documentation:

  • Proof of residence (lease, mortgage, utility bill, etc.)
  • Any ID or DL, state DL or Real ID, even if expired
  • Passport if available

Event FAQs

What is a license restoration clinic?
The clinic is an opportunity for community members to renew or restore a Louisiana driver’s license, identification card, or REAL ID. The clinic is not for issuing new, first-time licenses that require a driver's test.

Is there a cost to participate in the clinic?
While there is no cost to participate in the clinic, there may be normal fees charged by the Office of Motor Vehicles to issue your license.

What documentation should I bring to the clinic?
Participants should bring any and all documentation to show proof of residence, any proof of identification, proof of automobile insurance, social security card, along with any documentation of anything that might be a barrier to receiving a license or state identification. This can include utility bills, lease or home ownership proof, passports, or expired licenses or licenses issued by other states.

Will I receive a new physical license from the clinic?
Participants will receive a temporary paper license, and the actual license will be mailed to the participant. Participants also will receive information to add the license to LA Wallet.

How do I check the renewal status of my website beforehand?

The status will list any outstanding fees and other issues related to renewal.

My license was suspended. Will this clinic help me restore my license?
Maybe. If your license was suspended or revoked by a court or a third party, the clinic can identify the parties asserting any hold on your license along with their point of contact. If your license has a hold from the Office of Motor Vehicles, your license may be obtained directly from the clinic.

My license was suspended for a failure to maintain auto insurance. Will this clinic help?
Maybe. The clinic can identify any fines and fees necessary to restore compliance with state laws. 

I have been behind on my state income tax returns and this has impacted my license privileges. Will the clinic help?
If the Louisiana Department of Revenue has placed a hold on your license, this clinic will identify any holds and will provide a point of contact for resolution with the Department of Revenue. 

I have an old unpaid traffic violation. Can I participate in the clinic?
The clinic can determine if any jurisdictional holds are in place on your driver’s license along with a path to resolution. 

My license was issued by another state. Can I receive a new license at the clinic?
Unfortunately, no. We cannot help them at this clinic if you have an out of state license. If you had a license from Louisiana before the other state, we might be able to help, but it will depend on how long ago.

What happens if my driver’s license is suspended but I need to drive for work or for other life necessities?
Some people who have their licenses suspended can apply for a hardship license.  A hardship license gives a person limited driving rights during a period of suspension. This license allows the applicant to drive so they can earn a living and/or maintain life necessities.

The process of getting a hardship license varies. The applicant can apply for a hardship license from OMV. However, in some situations, the applicant will need to get a court order telling OMV to issue a hardship license.

Can I obtain a Louisiana ID card at the clinic?

What is a REAL ID?
The REAL ID is an identification card that includes additional security standards above the traditional driver's license or identification card. This new system is a part of implementing the REAL ID Act passed by Congress in 2005 following the 9/11 terrorist attack improving security measures.

When and why will I need the REAL ID?
Starting May 7, 2025, anyone 18 years or older will need to present a REAL ID to board domestic flights, enter nuclear power plants and access federal facilities, military bases and federal courthouses.

Can I obtain my REAL ID at the clinic?