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    Our company’s core philosophy is anchored in a belief that for a business to survive and prosper, it must develop and use its capabilities to create sustainable value for its customers and society. 

KMSJ Community Involvement Spring 2024

St. James Parish Cleanup Day

In April, Koch Methanol St. James (KMSJ) employees participated in the parish-wide clean-up effort as part of "Love the Boot" week. 

kmsj-clean-up-4-crp   kmsj-cleanup-3-crp   kmsj-clean-up2-crp

  kmsj-clean-up-5-crp   kmsj-cleanup-6-crp

Fast Food Farms: St. James Parish Schools - 4H

Our team volunteered at the annual fast food farms event and taught children about the importance of agriculture.

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Hurricane Kits

KMSJ sponsored items for hurricane kits. The kits were distributed to seniors within the parish and include small items that help before, during and after a storm.

kmsj-hurricane-supplies4-crp    kmsj-hurricane-supplies2-crp